Bernard Moitessier
A sailor's joys are as simple as a child's.
Sir Francis Drake
It isn't that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better.
Howard Bloomfield
Cruising has two pleasures. To go out in wider waters from a sheltered place and to go into a sheltered place from wider waters
Robert N. Rose
Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made
Whoopi Goldberg
When I forget how talented God is, I look to the sea
Anne Davison
A tourist remains an outsider throughout his visit; but a sailor is part of the local scene from the moment he arrives.
R.D. (Pete) Culler
Boats, like whiskey, are all good.
Ernest Hemingway
The sea is the same as it has been since before men ever went on it in boats.
Old Norwegian Adage
There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.


Request for Availability

Please refer with your full name, give us exact dates and alternative dates if possible, location from, and to, preferred yacht type, number of people and any special requests you might have. Please note that charters are usually Saturday / Saturday. Requests for one-way destinations ex. Athens - Rhodes should be a minimum of 14 days, for yachts of 37 feet and over.


Please refer with your name in order to hold an option. Options have a maximum 7-day duration and are given upon request. They are automatically cancelled after the 7-day period, if you don not confirm the booking.

Please note: The duration of the option during the high season or a few days before the commence of every charter, is maximum 3 days.


Confirm the charter as requested. We shall reconfirm by issuing a charter code. In subsequent correspondence, please always refer to the charter code number and your name. Please provide us your mail and e-mail addresses, passport number, telephone and fax numbers.


After your confirmation, we send you the following:

  • Two (2) copies of the standard “Charter Agreement”
  • Our base information with useful tips
  • A crew list to be completed with your arrival information.

Please mail back to us:

  • One (1) copy of the contract, duly signed by yourself
  • Crew list with all passport numbers and all the arrival details
  • Copies of the skipper’s and co-skipper Certificate or sailing resume (Sailing resume form can be downloaded from our web site - here).


Upon confirmation, please transfer your deposit payment of 50% of the total charter fee within three weeks to : 

PIRAEUS BANK Ethniki Paleokastritsas street, 49100 Corfu, Greece 
IBAN: GR4001724500005450001606119 
Swift code: PIRBGRAA 

Balance payments for Charters and Extras

Balance payment should be received at least four weeks prior to departure by the same manner. Please send us a copy of the receipt of your payment with your charter code.

Cancellation Policy

Corfu Yachting will apply cancellation policy as follows depending on the time-interval between the booking confirmation and the cancellation date:
Policy of “Dossier’s expenses” of € 150 will be applied for bookings cancelled after signing the contract and in time period up to 90 days prior to boat embarkation.

Term of cancellation policy:
a) Cancellation fee of 30% of the total charter fee, for bookings cancelled within a period of 90-60 days prior to boat embarkation.
b) Cancellation fee of 50% of the total charter fee, for bookings cancelled within a period of 60-30 days prior to embarkation.
c) Cancellation fee of 100% of the total fee, for bookings cancelled in a period less than 30 days prior to embarkation.

Corfu Yachting is pledged to return cancellation fee in case that the yacht under cancellation is re-chartered under the same conditions.

Arrival Details

Two weeks before the commence of the charter, please send us:

- Number of passengers, flight number and estimated time of arrival 
- Crew-list (stating passport numbers, full addresses and emergency phone numbers) 
- Copies of skipper’s and CO-Skipper’s licenses (2) or sailing resume. 
- Provision list (upon request) 

Embarkation / Disembarkation 
Embarkation Time: 17:00 hr./Saturday 
Disembarkation Time: 09:00 hr./Saturday 

Briefing / Check-in

Upon your arrival at the departure base, you should proceed to the meeting point for the briefing. You will sign 5 copies of the standard “Charter Agreement” and all the finance tendencies will be settle. Also the skipper will be properly notified for all the emergency procedures. 
Please note that, Skipper and CO-Skipper should have the originals and copies of their sailing licenses or their sailing resumes. 
When the briefing is over, your will be guided to the yacht, for the Check-in procedure.

Late Arrivals

For arrivals after 19:00, we strongly recommend to arrange a transfer service from the arrival airport directly to the yacht. We will try to honour last minute requests, but cannot guarantee availability. In order to assure your extras, please send us a fax 0030 2661099470 or E-mail ahead of time. 

End - Cleaning cost for 2-3 cabins 50 Euros and for 4-5 cabins 70 Euros. 

Payments of Refundable Security Deposit

If you choose the Refundable Security Deposit this should be paid at the base prior to boat embarkation by one of the following manners: 
- Traveller’s cheques 
- Euro cheques (in € , each with a maximum of € 132) 
- Bank Certified Cheque/Banker’s Draft in foreign currency 
- Cash (in the contract currency) 
- Credit Card. We accept VISA & MASTER CARD 

P.S: personal checks of any kind, are not acceptable.




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