Bernard Moitessier
A sailor's joys are as simple as a child's.
Sir Francis Drake
It isn't that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better.
Howard Bloomfield
Cruising has two pleasures. To go out in wider waters from a sheltered place and to go into a sheltered place from wider waters
Robert N. Rose
Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made
Whoopi Goldberg
When I forget how talented God is, I look to the sea
Anne Davison
A tourist remains an outsider throughout his visit; but a sailor is part of the local scene from the moment he arrives.
R.D. (Pete) Culler
Boats, like whiskey, are all good.
Ernest Hemingway
The sea is the same as it has been since before men ever went on it in boats.
Old Norwegian Adage
There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.


Meeting Point
Corfu Yachts berths are to the right of the marina entrance. Please go directly to the Corfu Yachts office, where our briefing will be done and then we are going to proceed to the check in of your yacht.

The Marina
Gouvia Marina is situated in the lovely, green Gouvia Bay at Kontokali. The taxi ride from the airport to the marina takes about 20 minutes and costs approx. 20 Euros. There are public sanitary facilities within the marina.

In Corfu Yachts berths there are mooring lines. When returning, go stern-to or bows-to and DO NOT USE YOUR ANCHOR!

Water and Fuel
Water on the pier available, no charge. Fuel Station inside the marina, there is also small trucks delivering on the pier. Also appointment can be fixed upon request.

Inside the Marina there is a big Super Market with a variety of products. If you prefer, you can go shopping at the supermarket, outside of the marina which we do not recommend due to the problem of the transportation. In the Marina the delivery is gratis.

Restaurants, taverns, bars, cafes, tourist shops and an abundance of other stores are inside the marina or within a short walk of the marina in Gouvia or Kontokali.

The Weather
From May to September, the wind blows from the NW. It starts around noon, dies down during sunset and varies in force between F2 & F5 Beaufort Scale. From October to April, the wind usually blows from the SW. In summer, the weather is warm and sunny, with occasional rain in spring and autumn.

When entering the bay of Gouvia, keep to the north side to avoid the shallows. The shallows are buoyed.

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